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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

There is something so marvelous about growth! It is fascinating to witness one entity transform into another yet keep its integrity. Like fine wine, aged cheese, a good cast iron pan or some genuine leather piece, it takes time and patience for the growth process to take place. But that time is all the more worth it because the finished product becomes so much more valuable than its initial form.

Do you feel like you as an individual have been getting better with time? In your personal life? Your character?

Think about it for a second, are you any different than you were 1 year ago? How about 5 years ago or 10 years ago? In your personal life? Your character? Financially?

Now this evaluation cannot be performed by anyone else but YOU to be truly effective!

Remember, you are the captain of your soul navigating this sea called "life". Only you can determine what your goals and aspirations are. Only you can find out what your purpose here on this earth is. And only you can examine yourself against your expectations to see you are progressing. Doing this internal work can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it is absolutely necessary. No amount of knowledge, no amount of degrees, no fame, or money can buy the character that is produced through that internal self-reflection.

One can be knowledgeable yet without integrity. One can certainly be a doctor, a PhD, a lawyer, a teacher, or politician, or even highly esteemed celebrity and lack respectable character. We do not wish to point fingers, but our hope is to encourage you to look internally and see what needs work in you. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and bad habits, but we do not need to be married to them. We can change our ways at any point, and that is a gift of life. If we want to reach our goals, we most certainly will need to train ourselves in areas of our character and let go of some negative behaviors. This is not something taught in school. Principles are somewhat difficult to teach because one must be highly receptive and willing to do the internal work to apply them. It takes commitment and character to live with dignity and hold on to the principles and truths that exist on this earth.

So how can you ensure that you get better with time and that your character matures? It takes going back to life's principles, meditating on them, analyzing your actions and determining if there is any incongruence between your behavior and the true principles of this world. And that takes some deep self-reflection, being open to being wrong and humble enough to change your ways.

"I believe that the key to success lies in knowing how to both strive for a lot

and fail well. By failing well, I mean being able to experience painful failures

that provide big learnings without failing badly enough to get knocked out of

the game." Ray Dalio in his book "Principles: Life & Work". Failure is almost guaranteed in growth, but the key is to always strive to realign ourselves and hold on to life's principles and wisdom. Those two somehow always guide us back to a place where we can grow.

We all know the saying "time is of the essence", yet in this case growth requires ample amounts of time, patience, consistency to allow for testing, failures and learning to occur for us to realize our true potential. So take your time fellow grower, be patient with yourself, learn yourself and challenge yourself to let go of habits that are incongruent with your goals and principles. Remember the hashtag #YOLO, you only live once! So why not become the best version of yourself and leave your imprint on this world?

Now grow on and be blessed!

We have much more to share on these concepts, stay tuned!

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